My old windows 7 machine was dying of BSOD.

Replaced with new machine that had Win10 on it, which I despise.

Tried to put a DVD in, commercial DVD, not home made.

Windows Media Player wouldn't play it. Found out the Microsoft DELIBERATELY disalbed the ability to play DVDs, which enrages me.

I have tried to use VLC, but the interface is a nightmare, a total nightmare.
It starts to run, and I can HEAR the movie, but can't SEE it!
And no little X up in the top right corner to turn off VLC. To get it off, I have to enter Task Manager!
I just HATE it.

And, worst of all, greedy MicroSoft is ramming this automatic box in my face trying to
get me to PAY for an "APP" to play DVDs?

App? What the F***? An App is on a cell phone. This is a computer.
They are called PROGRAMS.

Every "free" dvd "app" on the MS page has a little asterisk next to it.
I haven't bothered to hunt for the fine print, becuause I'm already angry enough.
I don't wnat to know how these programs will screw me.

Bottom Line: if you;'re stuck with Windows 10, and you just want to play a DVD without frustration, and you REALLY HATE the VLC, what do you use? I have no TV, just a computer.

The internet is FLOODED with "alternative" and supposedly free media players, but
it's overwhelming. How do you tell which one is safe, and which ones are packed with trial limits, spyware, adware, malware, virus?

I wanted a Sony emulator, and all of them have virus embedded!


So, out of desperation, selected something mostly at random.
Set a restore point and installed this thing called Wondershare that supposedly
plays DVDs.

It sort of does. You have to wait while it does some kind of scan thing.
But, here is the trouble.
When it plays, you can't access the DVD menu.

I am old, and my hearing is going bad.
I frequently have trouble with SOME parts of a movie, so I rewind it a little, turn on subtitles, listen to the part I missed, then turn off subtitles.

In wondershare, I have to stop the movie completely, turn on subtitles, then stop again to turn them off. They look horrible, blurry ragged edge pixelated.

Ah well. Better than nothing.
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