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    hi friends.
    i have a problem with my laptops's recording. in one week ago (i bought my laptop one week ago) i had tried the microphone. it's quality was good but had a little noise.
    yesterday i seen an alert (restart system to update) and (~speaker or headphone not connected).
    so i reset my system, when it turning on, i seen a message (plug in your charger>don't shut down your computer, bios is updating).. after 2 or 3 minutes that progress was finished and windows comes up.
    i tried my microphone via some recording applications and i seen power of recording raised up and noise removed..
    when i start recording i have some noise in start but when i begin to speaking, it reduce.. but this effect impress my voice recording and i don't want it.
    i think it's like noise reducer .. but bad kind of it..
    i upload a sound, that recorded with my microphone to show you my problem.. as you see in end of file 80% of sound filtered. (link: http://s6.picofile.com/file/8383050318/Recording_9_.m4a.html )
    ****it hasn,t problem when i record with handsfree
    please help me...
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