Microsoft AC and skype how i can choose a username for avoid..

Discussion in 'General Software' started by lapamita, Nov 6, 2019.

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    long ago was not a problem. Now when regsiter a microsoft AC they automaticly make a generated adress like livve: jdaghv0782714-5jjavbj
    how i can choose a name like bfr at any email for ex live: peter.m

    why i asking i can enter the name in sky acount and this name could be changed any time, in the searchlist i am one of many names..and fakes /bandits can change the name to the same.

    only the individual live: peter.m or other could not be changed ,and will always displayed on the top of a serach. ( before all others w same name/fakenames and others)
    and the automatic generated live: fjhagfhhh849578714857 far to dificult and to long as well

    i have one old AC with the live: indivudal name , but i want install a new computer and want avoid the live:hdhjf84789578 adress... tryed already and failed and get the auto generated adress

    who i can make an individual live: xxxxx adress ????

    how can get the individual ???

    can you tell me the steps

    thank you much and greetings from Germany

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