WIndows 10 Mini Laptop (or it's screen) not turning on

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Hi all,

Someone Just gave me this mini laptop, because it isn't working.
The brand and model are: Trekstor Surftab Twin 10.1

I have tried the following things:
- hold and tap shift to get 'the beep' (no response)
- hold the power button for some time etc. (nothing)
- adjust brightness
First i thought the battery had died, but appearantly when I put in an usb drive (or my phone on a charger cable), it seems to put out at least some power, since my phone started charging.
It will only charge my phone when I have turned the laptop on by using the power button (this is also the only way to know if it is on, besides the fact that the laptop warms up a bit)

does anyone know what may be wrong with it, and maybe how to fix it?

Thank you :)


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Is it possible to attach a monitor (does the laptop have a VGA or HDMI port)? It may be that the screen died and needs to be replaced, an external monitor would help you to determine if the laptop is actually booting but the screen is dead.