Mini PC wanted


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I am interested in the form factor of the Sterryza mini PC, have read several reviews of the product, and would like to use one. I need a mini PC that will accomplish these requirements:

Comes with Windows 10 OS

3 USB-2 ports. The following devices must be operated using USB port:

Silverleaf Junction Interface box. (picks vehicle data from the vehicle CAN bus and sends to Silverleaf software to display on a computer monitor) the Silverleaf software creates a virtual Serial Comm port.

DoubleSight USB monitor Model DS-70U. I cannot use the HDMI port for video. I need a PC that can deliver video from one of the USB ports.

wireless mouse

Note there are no extensive RAM or ROM requirements, since the PC will only be used to display vehicle engine and transmission data from the vehicle CAN bus.

If you have a recommendation, without breaking the bank in cost, thank you for any information you can provide.