Mobile Art - Photo Tourney


Since some of you guys mentioned that in the other thread, how about I start one of these :)

The rules are as follow:

1. Photos must only be taken with a mobile phone/mobile device (yes, laptops or dedicated cameras are not allowed :p ).
2. Any editing or modifications must be done on a mobile device (no computers allowed).
3. Maximum 11 photos in each turn.
4. The topic is irrelevant, your creativity is.
5. No spot saving.
6. If you would like to change your entry, edit your existing post, do not post duplicates.
7. No self-voting during the poll.
8. Submission time - 7 days from the thread's start.

After 7 days or maximum number of entries have been submitted, a poll will be created in the Off Topic section. A winner starts a new tourney and has a spot reserved as well.

Here is my entry as a start:



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You know how to get my vote :D

Yeah and mine!

Ankur, I was looking on your Flickr and didn't realise most of your photos were taken with the Nexus 4! Amazing to see how mobile phone cameras have moved along! ;)