Mobile Phone locked Sdcard with Write Protection


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due to earlier laptop system restore and backup files, i had a new sandisk uhs-i microsd card for my android lenovo mobile to help downloading restore files.

after inserted the card, the mobile system said that the format of new card cannot be used and requested a format. I continued. However I was not sure if there had been any formatting option for me though i supposed no.

after setup, i used it within the mobile and nothing strange.

lately, as restore done, and i would like to use the card with the laptop for file transfer, the issue came.

(1) the card was placed to work inside a function well adaptor physically unlock for write

(2) diskpart to "attributes disk clear readonly" showed successful, but when "clean" Windows stated "write protection"

(3) so no formatting could be done

(4) card still be read by mobile, add or erase files no problem, just only no write right for other devices

After check online, maybe the sdcard was being formatted as Internal Storage, instead of the Portable Storage. And many victims exist there.

Worst of all, after applied to downloading laptop file and as some backup, I carried out a system restore (factory reset) for my mobile.

So not sure if once an internal storage format had been done, it would ve permanent. Or just phone being factory reset cannot control the sdcard (but still write???)

and though the phone could still leave an option to format the sdcard into portable storage, the card is still write protected.

I suppose this doesnt really make sense, and i suppose Lenovo should open its door to clean any encryption over the firmware or the registry within the sdcard.

(A) the phone only disallowed unwanted erase of data by other devices but allow read anyway, so its not for privacy or confidential concern

(B) the phone itself after factory reset could still both write and read on the card, so they got the key

(C) write protection only helps protecting the phone system only for a clean card to put back into the phone, but why is it a need to keep write protection when users had chosen to use as portable? phone code error?

(D) not sure if such encryption violated any encryption law

(E) obviously such act violated seriously the green policy of the whole world, as the life span of modern phone lasted a few years, lenovo doing so would also limit the life of any storage card. Should the function well storage be disposed after the mobile dead?

I am not sure if this only happened ot Lenovo phone, i suppose they should release an update of format tool for all physically external storage to eliminate the write protection!

Please help!