Modular Power supply, Which Cable do I need?!!!


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I have this power supply, CORSAIR HX 750w POWER SUPPLY PN: CMPSU-750HX

And I just purchased this video card: ZOTAC GeForce GTX 480

Here is a picture of the video cardIMG_1205.jpg

The picture shows there are two power ports.

Here is the problem. I can't find any cable that has those two power ports from my power supply.

What Power cable do I need to buy for my power supply that will power the video card? Is it one cable with both plug for the video card or do I need to buy two cable for the video card?

Thank you


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According to the specs of that unit, it already comes with cables. And since its a modular power supply they are most likely still the power supply box if your previous setup didn't include a video card that required a power connector.


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Thanks guys for your reply.

Will this work? I only have one pcie cable 8pin. it can connect to the 8pin on the cable and split at the other end 2 x 2+6pin.

I got the card second hand and it was cheap. I only needed something that can play ragnarok online.

the psu I have did come with many cables but I have lost all of them.

can you help me find the right cable so I can hookup the gpu?

thank you
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