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Discussion in 'Video Cards and Monitors' started by maxtor, Jun 14, 2015.

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    Hello everyone, new here and need some help with monitors. Recently lost my main monitor and looking to replace it. This is the one I was initially looking at:

    But then was told to consider one of these two:


    That's the price range I'm wanting to stay in but not sure which of those would best suite me. I do a little bit of everything on my pc, from graphics work to gaming. (more gaming though)

    I had done some reading to try and help me and read that a TN is better for gaming then an IPS but think that may have been old information....

    Can someone shed some light and if choosing out of those 3, which would be best suited for my use and best bang for the buck??

    Thanks for all replies!
  2. Praetor

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    Generally speaking, it doesn't matter all too much unless you have an explicit need for specific features like:
    • High visibility angle
    • Color adjustment (i.e. photography)
    • Pixel pitch (i.e., news/print layout)
    • Extreme framerate
    • Connectivity (i.e., you need to have D-sub connector)
    • Wall/stand mounting

    This is in addition to less functional" attributes like cost, power consumption, aesthetics, bevel size (more important for multi monitor setups) and even down to things like whether you specifically prefer physical buttons for things or you don't mind navigating an OSD menu.

    Generally speaking, if you're asking without explicit major functional requirements, the cheapest/easiest solution will be more than sufficient. But let's break down the functional aspects of the three monitors:

    Dell S2715H @ $277
    • 27", 16:9, 19x10, 178º/178º
    • Glossy IPS
    • Speakers, VESA100, USB2, I think this uses 2-soft-button-OSD
    • VGA, HDMI (HDCP)
    • 0.5/20-55W consumption, 3yr warranty

    ASUS MX279H @ $250
    • 27", 16:9, 19x10, 178º/178º
    • Matte IPS
    • Speakers, physical buttons for everything
    • 2xHDMI (HDCP), VGA
    • 0.5/29W consumption, 3yr warranty

    ASUS VS278Q-P @ $250
    • 27", 16:9, 19x10, 170º/160º
    • TN
    • 2xHDMI (HDCP), VGA, DP
    • Speakers, VESA100,
    • 0.5/45W consumption, 3yr warranty

    Some points of note:
    • I think the subtype of IPS uses by the Dell and the MX279H are different but I think we'd be splitting hairs at that point, the take-away is that the VS278Q is a TN panel.
    • You can delve into the world of whether or not response time matters or not. I would propose that it does not where we are now with technology - you have elements that introduce far more physical latency than your display. Again we're getting into splitting hairs

    Realistically the choice comes down to the Dell and the MX279H -- the VS278Q-P is out as it has a worse screen, giant bevel (which may play a factor if you decide to multi-monitor). The two finalists have roughly the same specs, aesthetics etc. You trade the VESA capabilities for the Dell for an extra HDMI port at the cost of an extra $25. You may not have a need for mounting the monitor (or even think you would care to) but having VESA mounting does add to resale value and gives you a broader feature set than an extra HDMI port (let's be honest, you're not likely to use that second HDMI are you? If you absolutely must have it then it makes your decision easier!)

    Conclusion -- get the Dell (also -- call them up and talk to a phone-rep, you may get an even better price)

    Hope this helps, good luck!:good:

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