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I have a video card with a connector that I have attached. Does this mean that the video card is a dual monitor card and the attached dongle will work


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That's a DVI port. The dongle will only duplicate video so the two screens will just display the same things. What other ports does your GPU have?


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Most likely if that port is a dms-59, which it is, thats the only connector on the card. The DMS-59 is usually for AMD firefv cards, earlier Nvidia and Matrox cards. Basically workstation. It would be in your best interest to get a different video card that actually have dvi, vga, hdmi ports on it.


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It's an old Nvidia card. I can get that dongle for about 8 dollars. I just want to connect my dvi monitor to the card. It's a spare computer so I don't want to really buy another video card.
Would the Dongle work and just use one monitor