Montitor Buttons


Thank you for reading.

I have an Auria brand monitor, I think the model is LJ230.
I am using Windows 10.

The physical function buttons are small, located on the side. The power button the bottom is becoming a problem.

This button from day one was always "Fussy". To turn on, you have to hold it in for EXACTLY the right number of seconds. Same with turning it off. It isn't an intuitive logical on/off click like a light switch, which, frankly puzzles and angers me.

At any rate......

It has started not to work. I suspect physical damage, probably just worn out.
It looks dirty.
To get the monitor on now, a finger won't work.
I am not even sure why this works, but I grip the button knob with tweezers and I don't know if I am pushing or pulling or what.
The launch screen comes on, then blinks off after only one second.
I fiddle more, and, eventually the monitor comes on.
The case appears to have no screws, no way to open it.

My questions are:

1. What, if any, cleaning materials / tools would be safe to try to clean the button?

2. Is it possible to get inside, and when I do, what then? I don't have a replacement button to put in.

3. Can I just leave the monitor on permanently, but fix it somehow so that it does not burn out? For exmaple, is there some kind of sleep mode that is easy to turn on/off?


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1) I every once in a blue moon wipe the frame of my monitors with something like a Clorox rag. Not on the actual screen, but the bezel. The monitor screen you want to just microfiber cloth it.
2) The best answer is you're better off trying to cash in a store or factory warranty to get a repair. If you don't have this option the only solution then is learn to solder and try to keep the area you work in as clean as possible. You don't want to touch the LCD panel with your fingers or get dust on it.
3) If the monitor supports HDMI-CEC (Which I doubt) it could be turned on and off with the power of your device or machine turning on and off. However, you again would need a HDMI-CEC adaptor for a PC if your monitor supported HDMI-CEC. Again you're better off just trying to get a repair from the store or maker of the product if in warranty.