Mouse inaccuracy in Windows 10.

Discussion in 'Computer Accessories' started by Dyzen, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Dyzen

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    Hello Everyone i am new here, and i am looking forward being part of this community.

    Before You read my problem, please note that this is not an illusion.

    CPU: RYZEN 1700;
    RAM:KINGSTON HYPERX PREDATOR 3200Mhz;( 2993Mhz trough D.O.C.P)=DEFAULT or OC has the same effect
    GPU:ASUS GTX 1060 DUAL 6GB; (no factory changes.)
    HDD: WD 1TB;
    OS: WINDOWS 10 PRO; FALL CREATORS; 16299.24 build
    BIOS: Version 3402;

    Since the buy, i feel some negative acceleration on my mouse, it doesn't feel smooth as it seems. I don't know how to describe it but it feels like it has some kind of lag, not like lag when i move the mouse and the mouse doesn't move but it is feels like it. I am not tripping, i am long time FPS player and i know how it should work. EX: open two folder Windows and try to hard lock the cursor on some folders or the "X" buttons, it is not possible on my side, i need to make couple more movements or strange movement to get to the position i want.Like it is sliding on ICE.After longer usage or gameplay mouse feels more laggy.And if you want fast click move and click on something when u normally stop to the destination you want it gives some kind of burst speed.(FLOATY movement)

    Note: CPU,GPU,HDD,RAM values are good in taskmanager while gaming.(Nothing is spiking or has higher value.)

    The steps i tried to fix the problem :

    1.Enhaced option is unticked in mouse settings.(tried to tick it worse).
    2.Disabled Fast Startup(Didn't help);
    3.Tried with and without overclocking(CPU,RAM)=the same;
    4.In mouse settings is 6 sensitivity, also i use rival 300.
    5.Tried different mouse, the same.(Mouse is not the problem nor the drivers)
    6.Disabled DVR=not fixed.
    7.Disabled Cortana=i see a little improvement but not quite enough...
    8.Disabled AV=same...
    9.Formated the PC, the same.
    10.Changed USB ports different movement but not accurate as it should be.
    11.Latest drivers for NVIDIA, the audio is from the Manufacturer website because the generics ones were crap,the AsMedia usb PORT drivers, i tried from Asus website also from Microsoft, it doesn't fix the problem.

    I am getting so mad here with this situation, and i would like some help...

    The PC is 1 month old, and never had other issues, except with the bad(precise lock) movement...

    I can also make a video for the mouse movement, Note:I don't say it is unusable but not being smooth and precise when you want to flick your pointer on some link, folder, file, etc etc is bad....
    Getting it to my dealer shop for repariment/replacement is not an option because my country does not work in that way.... :[.
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  2. johnb35

    johnb35 Administrator Staff Member

    What exact mouse do you have?
  3. Dyzen

    Dyzen New Member

    Rival 300.
    The mouse is not the issue, i tried different ones. And on different machine. :/

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