mouse not working properly


My mouse suddenly slowed down. Then I must wait about a minute so that it will get back to its normal speed, then after using about 10 seconds it slows down again. I turned my computer off and on, detached and attached usb of mouse but result is the same.
why did this happen and what can I do to fix?
at the same minute that my mouse first slowed down, I saw a message in the lower right of my screen, it said "we are installing a wireless receiver" or something like that, I forgot exact wording but I do remember it said wireless receiver. As if one of those windows messages my computer gives me sometimes. What wireless receiver? Can these two things be related, and why did this happen , is someone doing something to my computer remotely?
I use Windows 10
Never experienced such thing before


duh.... I changed the mouse battery and it work again....

but how about the wireless receiver message? where did it come from?


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Did you plug the usb receiver into a different usb port? Sometimes when yo do that, it needs to reinstall the driver for it.


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If "fast boot" was enabled, this could in theory happen as it may juggle around usb id's on a restart.

What sort of a wireless mouse were you using?