mouse stops working

So I have a strange issue where the mouse stops working. I see the arrow move across the screen and it responds to left clicks on my browser for example. The issue is, it does not work anywhere else. For example if I move the mouse over the icons over the taskbar, I see them highlited which means it is responding but ramdomly it does not respond. I minimize my browser and try to left click and right click on my desktop and nothing. What I do to fix this is I bring up the taskbar with ctrl+alt+del and hit esc. I do this about 3-4 times and them the mouse works again. I've been using windows for years and this is something totally new. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Staff member
First of all, try a different mouse to rule the actual hardware out. If that don't work then you have something else going on with your system.
Please try to look at the "View Reliability history"
That will show if there are any errors noted around the points in time that your mouse/computer has shown it´s errors....

In there you might find a reason for this behavior..

/Your Dick