Move My Drives to A New Desktop


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The cooling part of my old desktop was down so I moved the os drive ssd and a storage hard disk into my alienware. I removed my alienware OS drive so I can actually reboot my computer from my old os drive (I cannot set priority in BIOS without removing the original Alienware OS Disk). Currently my pc works fine but it apparently has lower fps in games and the screen will sometimes have glitches when I try to swtich tab in my chrome: it blacks out for a .5 sec and flash back to normal. Any idea what cause this and suggestions to fix this? great appreciation.


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Did you install new drivers when you swapped it to your Alienware? You'll need to uninstall your old graphics drivers and install the correct ones for the alienware.


This situation is fairly normal when you try to put a drive with Win 10 setup on one computer into another with different hardware. Windows does its best to find the correct drivers, but the registry entries are different, the hardware abstraction layer is different. You are quite lucky the computer managed to boot at all. The only sure way is to do a clean install to allow windows to correctly detect and setup the new hardware


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It seems that the alienware automatically initialize the integrated graphic card on the board without using the independent one, so I just banned it and problem solved. Thanks guys!