Move to heic format ?


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I recently got a new galaxy phone and it is my first device that supports the heic photo format, hoping to get some advice from folks that have been using it for a while, obviously i searched online and it seems to be a replacement for jpeg and has no real affect against raw, the only other format i use is tiff

So could i replace both jpeg and tiff with heic ? I could not find much information comparing heic & tiff directly
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That sounds like an 'up to you' scenario if you want to support an emerging format or one that has a more mature integration/support.

HEIF is more of a container though so you can store different coding formats within, kind of similar to a .mkv conceptually


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HEIC support seems very hit and miss, of the few programs that support import of HEIC, none of them support export of HEIC

Everything online refers to HEIC as replacing jpeg, but when you can export in the same file type, it seems more similar to raw