WIndows 10 Moving contents from old to new computer


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Hi. I am not building a new computer but thought this was the closest to my subject matter. I have a very old DellOptiplex 360 desktop with windows 10 and am finally getting rid of it. I need to switch all my content over to my new Dell desktop. I forgot how to do this. I need to switch over outlook emails, all documents, all videos, all docs saved directly on my actual desktop screen, firefox browser bookmarks and favorites, etc.

anyone have links to step by step instructions?

thanks! yvonne


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As far as your Firefox bookmarks goes, you would have to export them to a file while still using the old system.

The other data can be transferred over just by attaching the drive to your new desktop. You will need to take ownership of the desktop folder that your files reside in though. Download and install the "Take Ownership" registry file and it will give you the right click option to take ownership of files.

Or you can just copy these to a usb flash drive while using the old desktop and transfer them that way.


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thank you for your answers. I seem to remember that all documents, videos, etc. being in something called documents and settings and that is all that has to be copied. Is that correct? Also, what about outlook emails? I have 6 different email accounts in outlook with multiple subfolders in each.