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Discussion in 'General Software' started by Trizoy, Mar 7, 2006.

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    So my parents wanted to create some basic labels for their business... So I saved them some money and created a template in Excell...

    So now they can easily create and print many labels at once.

    I spreadsheet setup with about 6 lines per label, and 30 laebls per page.
    Each label is an exact copy of the first label (using the ="field"). I thought this would be the easyiest way to do it.

    Today they asked me to change the Address on all of the labels (about 240 times)... So I was wondering if I can assign Filed to look to a database for global settings....

    Like the address, email, homepage and weight of the product all in a database. The cell points to a specific file and line. There for to change EVERY address i would need to change only one line in the database.. is this whats Access is for?
  2. charly

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    there are several ways, and of course you can import your datas from access.
    a little vba is needet, but if you're familiar with vba you could directly import from outlook your adresses.
    in excel you could store in 2nd sheet also your datas and run macros in vba.
    if you prefere excel solution, use sheet 2 for your products, sheet 3 for adresses and create on sheet 4 the requestet function what places your datas on sheet 1. with the "INDEX" function you could choose by using the pull down button whatever you want. sounds hard, but it's easy to do without vba

    good luck, ciao
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    MS Excel help

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