MS Voice Recorder not working


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I use MS Voice Recorder occasionally and it used to work great.

But now, it stops working. When I called up the recorder and clicked on the record button, it greyed out and all the file information are not there.

I tried reset and it didn't work. The last resort is to uninstall it and download it from MS Store again. But it is not showing up in app-cleaner. What is the name of the program I want to clean?

Any suggestion how to solve this problem?

PS: Further testing turned out that it works, except it took over 30 seconds to fully launch. It used to be instantaneous. Any idea how to fix that?
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I found in a web search that someone is suggesting deleting some folders in the WindowsApp folder.

[you have to take ownership of WindowsApps folder (inside Program Files folder) and after that, look for all Windows Sound Recorder folders (I have 2 related) (inside WindowsApps) and manually delete those.
Once deleted, you can go to the Store and download Voice Recorder and install it. After that, you'll see Voice Recorder works just fine again.]

I was able to get into WindowsApp folder and found those sub-folders. But I can't delete or rename them because I don't have permission.

Can someone help please?