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    I have had MSI Afterburner installed for a few years to control my GPU fan and show temperature as I'm gaming, but lately for some reason MSI Afterburner has started freezing/locking the temperature of the GPU (GTX 1050ti) at one temp without changing and showing the true temp. It is causing my fan to no increase or decrease in speed since it believes the temp is either low or way too high depending when MSI Afterburner decides to freeze up. I have tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling and tried downloading an earlier version but it does the same after a couple hours of computer restart. If I restart the PC MSI Afterburner acts normal, but only for a couple hours before it freezes up again and locks the temp at one temp.

    Anyone know why it is doing this? MSI doesnt seem to have any feed discussing issues with their software.

    EDIT: MSI Afterburner will allow me to change fan speeds of the GPU manually but does not show the accurate temp and stays showing the temp it froze at (ex...31c and never changes). Using auto or user defined settings on MSI Afterburner will not work due to inaccurate temp reading.
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