MSI GForce 2080 RTX Super compatibility with Intel Core i7-6700K 8M Skylake Quad-Core 4.0 GHz LGA 1151 91W


Motherboard: MSI Z170-A Pro (MS-7971), apparently it only does 4 cores max, so that's what I'm dealing with.

When I built my rig, I made very sure that when the time came, I could just switch in another video card for the one that died. No PSU issues, 750W gold Corsair. 32G of RAM if that would even matter. Just did a 3d mark test on the machine and scored a 34%. Apparently, just above an office computer in their opinion. All my drivers are up to date, everything seems to be running smoothly. Question, is the chip I have choking the life out of my new card. Question 2, is the chipset that I am limited to, as in cannot go octa-core, going to be an issue in using the 2080 RTX? I was expecting to run somewhere in the 50% range. That's why I spent the money I did on the motherboard when I built it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.