Multi Functional laser printer


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Hi! I live in Toronto and work in the mailroom of a law firm here. I deal with printers and copiers daily. The work requires hefty amounts of paperwork. The machines which we have been using are not helping the associates and myself meet the deadlines. It could be because of the large numbers. They have turned quite slow. The management has decided to upgrade these lots with better quality ones also at the latest. HP LaserJet Pro MFP M28w is the one we are planning to buy. 5 of them. I have been assigned the task of dealing with this. I'm looking for proper providers of multi-functional laser printers in Toronto, assuring after-sale services and the intact supply of the products. I'm a little anxious because this is an official matter, and there is no margin of error here for me. Please help me out. I am waiting for your valuable suggestions.


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You'll need to contact your local office supply store to see what they offer for support.