My 10tb HDD's wont work with there a limit in tb?

Discussion in 'Computer Memory and Hard Drives' started by slackercruster, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. slackercruster

    slackercruster Member

    I got some 10tb Iron Wolf internal HDD's but they wont run with my computer with an external setup. For some reason they don't show up when plugged in. I get a beep, the HD's whirl, but never show up on the screen.

    I tried 2 different hookups for external HDDs. I wonder if there is a limit in tb drive size the computer will run.

    I have some HP slims desktop computers with Win 10 with 8RAM and 1 TB HDD. I also tried the Iron Wolf 10tb drives on a HP laptop with 16 RAM and no go. Drives do not show up. Tried 2 10tb drives and 2 different hookups. The hookups both work with a 2tb Barracuda drive and works with an internal DVD drive, but not the 10's. Any ideas?

  2. Intel_man

    Intel_man VIP Member

    What sort of external setup are you using?

    For drives that are more than 2tb in size, you should be initializing them for GPT and not MBR.
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  3. TheRealSwede

    TheRealSwede Member

    Have you checked with the diskmanager??
    If you see the drive there but not in the file explorer, then it may be because the drive is not formatted...

    And Yes! You may format the drive via the diskmanager...
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  4. slackercruster

    slackercruster Member

    I have a NewerTech. Now that I looked it up it says it takes 6TB.

    It didn't say anything about it when I bought it. I also have a cord that pugs into the HDD and has a small power plug to power it.

    Normally whatever I plug in the computer just pops up on the screen showing the drives. I guess I will have to buy some 6TB drives.
  5. strollin

    strollin Well-Known Member

    For disks larger than 2TB, you need to initialize with GPT. If you wish to boot from a GPT disk, you'll need a computer with UEFI, not BIOS.
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  6. JaredDM

    JaredDM Active Member

    A lot of external docks and USB adapters don't work with drives larger than 2Tb. But, if it supports 3Tb+ it'll almost certainly support up to 10-12Tb (although the advertising might not say so).

    Try getting a dock specifically listed for 4Tb+ drives.
  7. slackercruster

    slackercruster Member

    Just an update...

    The specs says the drive dock works up to 6TB. So I got some 6 TB drives...and it still didn't work. So got rid of it.

    Is there something like a RAID box that can be USB connected but is not RAID, just something to house and power HDD's as external HDs?
  8. Darren

    Darren Moderator Staff Member

    So... a NAS?
  9. slackercruster

    slackercruster Member

    I want something I can connect with the USB. I tried a Synology 2 bay unit and tried 10tb hard drives but it does not work through the USB. It needed to hook up through an internet router.

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