My computer is recognised on the internet?


Is a computer recognisable on the internet? does it have some kind of address?

You see, i posted a mail on a web forum about how i believed that companys were claiming tax payer funding for product development when they were just importing the products in.
The forum banned me for life for this.
When i returned to the forum, even after i had deleted history on my browser, the forum recognised my computer and stopped me from even viewing other forum posts even as a "guest" do they do this? How do they know its me?

If i de-install my browser, and then re-install it, will they still recogniose its me and stop me from viewing the forum as a guest?


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Your internet provider provides you an IP address for your browsing. This is how websites recognize who you are. They have most likely banned your IP address. Clearing your browser won't do anything to solve it.


Thanks, i guess if i browse from starbucks wifi they wont know its me?

If someone knows your IP can they spy on you? Can they also put virus's on your laptop?