my computer keep crashing

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by korwolf, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. korwolf

    korwolf Member

    My computer keep crashing for some reasons it freezes and then it shuts down and reboot again
    my monitor had a white blue purple screen as well what should I do ?
  2. johnb35

    johnb35 Administrator Staff Member

    Sounds like it could be the video card. Do you have a dedicated video card or is it onboard video? Try updating the driver for it.
  3. Dylan Bryan

    Dylan Bryan New Member

    Hi. Hello. My name is Dylan Bryan. I am a Computer Engineering Student. I have some solutions to the issues of your Personal Computer PC.

    There are some questions I would like to ask you. You have stated that your computer keeps crashing, and it keeps shutting down and restarting. That is correct. Yes? What is the Operating System of your Computer? Windows? iOS? Linux? I would highly advise and suggest that you provide specific information about the computer that you are using and have issues with.

    Assuming that you have Windows 07/08/10 Operating System. First, I would suggest that you reboot the computer several times until the Login Screen and/or Start Screen appears. Click on the Start Button. Locate Settings. Continue to Update and Security. Check if there are any updates to be done. Critical Updates could interfere and impact the functioning and performance of the system. After updating the system, go to your Antimalware/Antivirus Software. Perform a Deep Scan to see if there are any viruses or malware affecting the OS.

    I am only a Computer Engineering Student. I know there are other IT Professional and Developers on this website. I really encourage all users in this discussion to provide their advice, suggestion, and input. I hope everything works out as expected and results into success. Please and Thank You.

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