My computer keeps over heating?

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So I just got a new graphics card, Gigabyte R9 290, my old one was a GTX 750ti. Ever since I bought it my computer has been having issues, so I figured something isn't balanced correctly, but I don't know what.. My motherboard tends to overheat, getting to 70c+ when launching a game. I could be playing a very minor graphic game, but eventually my computer shuts off. Just today I got a Warning message saying "+5v voltage 1.757 V", which I've never seen before. The overall computer stays at about 55 to 65c in normal use, such as browsing, which is weird because CPU usage is at 0. Something isn't right, but I'm not sure what. I'm assuming the graphics card requires a stronger power supply? But I'm not sure.

Processor: AMD FX 6300 six core
Ram: 16gb DDR3
Graphics Card: Gigabyte radeon R9 290
Power Supply: Lepa N500 (500w)
Operating System: Windows 7 x64
CPU Fan: Enermax ets t4o

Let me know If I'm missing something


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Yeah considering you need at least 650 watts to run the 290. Get a new psu with at least 650 watts to run your card. Buy corsair, evga, xfx, seasonic brands.


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Yea the R9 290 is pretty thirsty.

and here's a chart with more recent video cards as reference. Note that the system might being tested in these 2 photos are slightly different, but refer to the GTX 780 as a reference in power difference that may be from the motherboard, cpu and ram configuration.



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I ended up getting a 850w PSU and my PC runs at about 25 degrees idle and 40 while gaming. The graphics card still gets to about 60, but I think that's pretty normal for these guys. Thanks again for the help!
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