My D-drive will not recognise a blank CD!


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I recently purchased a reconditioned Dell Optiplex 3010 PC tower running the latest version of Windows 10. All has been well until I attempted to burn a data CD (I have downloaded the free NCH Express Burn software). Whilst there is no problem recognising and playing both data and audio CD's, whenever a blank disc is placed in the D drive, the error message "there is no disc in the drive" appears and burning is not possible. I have checked for a driver update in Device Manager and also tried the fix in this Youtube clip - but all to no avail:

(Incidentally, after selecting the "Decimal" option, followed by Refresh, as instructed in the video clip, I noticed that this automatically defaults back to "Hexidecimal").

Because this "fix" has not worked, I have now returned back to the original settings (ie. Zero and Hexidecimal).

Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated - Thank you,


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I am inserting CD's (CDR's) - and I have tried several of them. It also happens when I try a blank DVD disc.
The drive is:
Type: DVD/CD Rom.