My hp network adaptor drivers are locked to its original hardrive

I don't really understand this, but apparently I can't install new drivers to the new hard drive after reinstalling the operating system onto it. I'm not sure if it's just regarding network drivers or all drivers. But I phoned them up and they said I cant do anything about it. The original drive is 30 gb.. is there anything I can do about it?


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What model of pc do you have? I find that hard to believe though. Can you explain what happens when you try installing drivers on the new drive?
It says that the installation is completed although Windows program compatibility says it may not have been properly. Also now going back onto the old small hard drive I've noticed that the the network adaptor is no longer appearing there at all either. It was fine yesterday.

I just reinserted the
wireless adaptor and the network adaptor reappeared under adaptor settings,even if I have the wireless antenna disconnected under that settings page it should say show me an image of a network adaptor right?

Its the exact same drivers used on both drives, and the same windows iso..
Pavillion desktop 550 energy star.
550-082na. I got the drivers from hp site, they worked fine with other hd.

I mean, when im im im in the adaptor settings page, i thought the images represented the recognition of the internal network component.

Yes it's usb. If I try to install its drivers it says it cant recognize any network adaptor installed