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    So I just put together this build and I've had some problems. I started off with an HP motherboard and I put it into a better case. It had an i7-920 on it with a stock heatsink. Also, it had a 3GB/s HDD (650GB), a radeon 220 (low-profile), and 6GB of 1066 RAM (DDR3, 3x2GB. i7-920 only supports 800 and 1066 RAM). I have recently upgraded to this motherboad

    My first problem was the heatsink. Since the other mobo was a generic HP one, it did not come with a hot swappable heatsink. I put in a much better one and it fits better, too. SO that's all good.

    Next problem:...
    The PSU. This computer came with a 460W PSU that did NOT have an 8-pin ATX connector for the CPU. It had a 4 pin. I definitely need to get a new power supply, so I'm going to need some help with finding a good power supply. I don't have a lot of money...like...REALLY. 60 bucks is as high as I can go, but i want something that will support my computer at this point, and when I install this video card. I want a good PSU so I can turn on my computer without being scared it's gonna fail and burn out my entire system.

    Also, the guy at the computer parts store near me looked at my motherboard. I actually wanted to get a different one, and had bought it, but it had been discontinued so they gave me this one and a $35 discount. It is an LGA1366 slot motherboard, and what I HAAAATE is that when you put in the CPU, the lever goes down and it takes a lot of pressure. I know it's in there right, because 1) I looked in the mobo manual, and 2) it can only go in one way because of the plastic pieces on the slot that match the cutouts on the CPU. It is literally impossible to put this CPU in wrong and it be flat, so I know I put it in right. But when you push the lever down, it takes some effort and it scares you to death to think that those pins are just bending all to hell under it. computer store guy said it's fine though...

    I also have 6GB of RAM in it, 3x2GB. The processor only supports 3-channel, but the MOBO said it supports 2/4/8/16+ GB RAM. It didn't say it supported 6... I don't think it'll be a problem, but I'm nervous it will be still.

    If there's anything you can think of (ideas, warnings, etc.) before i buy a PSU and turn this baby on, please let me know. This is my first real build, and in a mid-low income family, you don't exactly get a lot of chances to mess up.

    Thanks everyone!

    EDIT: I think this PSU would be ok. People say it lasts about 4 years... if I get it within the next week or so, I get a discount so it's only $48.
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    I'd go for a Corsair CX 500 or a CX 600 if I was in your shoes, or perhaps one of the OCZ ZS Series power supplies (I have a ZS 650, great power supply). Seasonic also make some good 500-600W units in your price range I think which may be worth checking out. I wouldn't use those Rosewill PSUs. Whilst they aren't the worst, the Corsair CX series units are from a much better brand.

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139027&Tpk=cx 500 that's probably what I would go for.

    As for the graphics card, yeah the 7770 is newer, but the 6850 is faster in most scenarios http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/536?vs=539

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