My new second hand computer


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Hi all, new to this site but have been using computers for some time.
I have just brought a second hand Lenovo Think Centre L2 that has win 10 pro, desktop model.
Now I have never used win 10 first time this last week, all seems well except when I first switch it on it makes a sound like a fan coming on, fairly loud, it only last for 3 to 4 seconds then silence, the computer works okay and slowly getting to know win 10.
This has done this from day one, is this normal ?
Thanks for any help given
yes the fan will come on if it is very loud check to see if it needs cleaning inside as a loud fan can indicate the computer needs cleaning inside
also has the operating system been reinstalled and what specs does it have


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Info for bulldogBuzz,
I have up graded the memory from 4 to 8 gb, plus the fan looks clean, no dust in machine that I can see.
Copied from the add.

Lenovo Thinkcentre Edge 72. Condition is Used.

Intel Dual Core i3 Processor running at 3.4GHz. 4GB RAM. 500GB Hard Disk. HDD and RAM are fully verified and 100% error free. RAM is 1 x 4GB stick leaving 1 x Empty Slot for expansion. (not now).

DVD-RW on front with 2 x USB Ports, MMC Slot and 3.5mm headphone and mic jacks. Back of machine has 4 more USB ports, VGA, DVI, network and 3 c 3.5mm audio ports.
Have installed a fresh CMOS battery so you'll have years of trouble free computing.

Comes with Genuine Windows 10 64 freshly installed with licence


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If possible could you record the audio and send it?

A low pitched sorta "gurgly" noise is a HDD. Fans are higher pitched and more consistent in sound.


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If I remember I could only see one fan black plastic.
I am using it now and its as quiet as a mouse.
Just wondered if the sound was normal as my old computert did not sound at all but saying that it did go up in smoke
if it has only one fan its possible it was spinning faster to increase the airflow and reduce heat hence the loud sound


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Kyle I don't think I can record the sound, a bit above my head, but it sounds more like a fan that starts up fairly fast then stops, only last a few seconds.


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My update on fan.
I took the back panel off computer and it dose have 2 fans one under the hard drive but the other is over the main processor, its this fan when switching on wizzes round for two seconds then silence but is still turning.
No dust any ware looks clean.