My P.C keeps switching itself on and off......

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by eddy1953, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. eddy1953

    eddy1953 New Member

    When I switch my P.C on it works for 2 minutes then it stops for 10 seconds then it starts again all by itself. It keeps doing this all day.
    Here is details about the computer;
    Case : Termaltake, Tower
    Motherboard : Gigabyte
    CPU; Intel
    CPU heat sink ; Noctua
    Op.System; Windows 7
    The computer was custom built in 2009. It was working fine til 2012.
    It has not been used since 2012.
  2. Calin

    Calin Well-Known Member

    My guess would be the PSU. What are the exact specs?
    Just open it and take a picture so that we can find out what PSU it is.
  3. johnb35

    johnb35 Administrator Staff Member

    So where has it been stored the last 4 years? Also could be dead cmos battery.
  4. _Glitch

    _Glitch Active Member

    It's properly dusty inside from being stored away for 4 years. Dust in heat sinks takes away cooling performance. Give it a clean.

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