My website has almost dropped off the scale


I created a website called Oscar fish lover in 2006 and it became very popular with up to 3000 unique hits every day. I was making £700 a month through AdSense. However, the bubble burst about five years ago and things just went downhill quickly. Basically, I abandoned the website and just left it to rot, so to speak. Anyway, a few months ago I completely redesign the website, rewriting all the content and putting it on a brand-new WordPress website. I'm really pleased with the outcome. It's now using HTTPS secure domain. I'm pretty sure that I've lost all my incoming links which probably does help. However, I still can't get it to show on Google for all my major keywords. It is showing at number one on views all US for a few keywords so obviously it's not completely fried. Is there anything else I can do to get those keywords onto the first page of Google?


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Kia Ora Penn,

Sorry to hear of the drop, Ian may have some SEO ideas

I can touch on the page speed for mobile and desktop being slow on your site, mobile speed is the #1 ranking factor with google's indexing

There can be improvements made to your websites speed by going through gtmetrix one by one, optimizations link below:


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One hing that you might notice on your page ipressions is the ever changing nature of the google search algoritm. You just never know what it wants and why it does things the way it does. Also it might have changed some things that now make your site seem less relevant...