Need advice on this build


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I need some input if this computer is worth the price. They want $1500 for the setup.

-I7 9700k
-RTX 2060
-16GB 3200mghz
-500GB Crucial M.2 SSD
-3x Corsair ICUE fans with rgb nodes
-Corsair ICUE H100i Elite Capellix CPU Cooler
-Blue Yeti Snowball Mic
-Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed wireless mouse
-HK Gaming GK61
-GTRACING gaming chair
-27" Dell 144hz curved gaming monitor
-Samsung LC24F396FHNXZA 23.5" curved monitor


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Doesn't seem unreasonable given the parts list and accessories it's coming with.

I came up with approx. $1350 (based on what I would've expected parts to cost, including the inflated GPU pricing market), but that list is probably missing a few other items like the motherboard and psu that would put it up to that asking price.

Does the seller have the boxes of accessories that comes with those components? (i.e. sata cables, extra screws from the case, extra psu cables if modular, etc...)


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That's not terrible with all of the extra accessories included. If it was $1500 for just the PC I'd tell you do just get a G15 Strix AMD or something.

That being said it's also a fairly basic build that would need some more investment to make it enjoyable. I guess it'd come down to if you feel the accessory inclusion is worth the difference.