Need advice/recommendations for Ryzen Threadripper build.

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    Hello everyone, I'm new here. :D

    I was given a Ryzen Threadripper 1950X for helping a friend out with his music production. He works for a company that does marketing for AMD, but knows little about computers.

    I would like some advice on what parts I should use for my Ryzen Threadripper build.

    So a little about myself. I used to build PCs on a regular basis, but haven't done so in 15 years. A lot has changed. I also have no experience with AMD, besides using a graphics card from back then. So I'm not technically challenged, just behind the times.

    So basically what I want in a motherboard is ...
    ..... two M2 SSDs, and three SATA connections for two SSDs and one huge capacity HDD.
    ..... a high end graphics card like a 1080ti or RX Vega.
    ...... a robust and easy to use bios. From looking at youtube videos. I like the UI of MSI bios.
    ...... I definitely want a board with good audio sound, unless you can recommend me a board that I have space to add a good sound card. Will be using BT and wired headphones mostly.
    ...... Minimum of 64gb ram with compatible optimal speed.

    Case ...
    ... Would like a spacious full tower or larger with a glass panel. And able to add fans on top.

    What I don't care about ...
    ... SLI, will only have one card installed.
    ... Raid, Don't plan on using Raid 0.
    ... RGB lighting. If the board and certain parts includes it that's fine.
    ... Custom water cooling. I will use AIO water cooling if I don't use a fan.
    ... Wifi. I will keep this on ethernet and can always get an USB adapter if necessary.
    ... Bluetooth. Same as wifi, I can always use an USB adapter.
    ... G-sync or freesync. Not a hardcore gamer that needs it.
    ... Optical drive, I already have enough external DVD/Blueray reader/writer.

    What I'm most concerned about ...
    ...Compatibility of RAM sticks. Did a little research and heard issues about certain speeds causes issues, even when the motherboard supposedly supports it.
    ... Never use M2 SSDs before. I hear it takes up a PCI slot. But then I hear with Threadripper I don't have to worry about this. I'm confused on this. Is this a motherboard or CPU thing?

    Well that's all I can think of for now. I'll be getting the motherboard first, then get the most expensive parts out of the way. Will take me about two months to get everything I need.

    My main usage besides the norm, will be heavy music and video editing programs. Weekend gaming. Using VM for Linux. Also playing with VR. Running compiler programs. Occasional Blender usage. And the worst of them all, having countless extensions and tabs open on chrome browser.

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