Need advise for new BUILD


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Good afternoon, Gamers.

I would like to build a new pc for me. I already choosed the parts for it. I want to be sure if everything is okay? PARTS:
CPU - Amd Ryzen 7 2700x with Asetek 550Lc High performance Liquid Cooling.

MOBO - Gigabyte x470 Aorus Ultra Gaming.

RAM - G.SKill Trident Z 16GB(2x8) 3200 Mhz.

PS - 500w. But I thinking about 700w, maybe in the future will be different GPU or something.

GTX 1070.

What do u think about it? Maybe should I choose air cooler instead of liquid? I never used liquid, so I wondering, maybe it can start leak one day, or someting.

Thank you for answers. :)


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A good heatsink/thermal paste will work just as good as liquid coolers. I was always a fan of zalman fans and artic silver thermal compound. Of course your case will play a big roll in how air moves through your case to cool your components


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My Enermax ETS T50 keeps up with a lot of 240MM AIO's. Lot cheaper too and looks sweet. AIO's are nice but not necessary and I think air cooling is more practical.


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Agreed with Darren. Many decent air coolers perform as well or even better than many AIO's. This is partly due to companies trying to cash in on water cooling and many AIO's are poor quality and cheap, properly made water cooling systems should always perform better than air cooling.


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Another perk of air coolers is that they typically are more quiet. Pumps on AIOs tend to make a fair amount of noise.
I'd suggest the BeQuiet Dark Rock 4 or even the Dark Rock Pro 4 if you really want a beefy boy.


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Quit posting your build before I have to break into your house and steal it. :p

Seriously, it's so pretty.

Nice cable management as well.