Need help with choosing combo

Which one? (Also comment any opinion plz besides just this poll)

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I have two different options I am working with here. The case I am getting is the Corsair SPEC-01. There is space for 2 fans in the front, 1 fan in the back, and two fans on top. The case comes with one fan btw.

Combo #1: Get two AF120 2-packs (4 fans), have two of them in the front, one in the back, one on top, and the extra space on top right next to it have a single fan CPU cooler. (Not using the fan it came with in this combo.)

Combo #2: Get one AF120 2-pack (2 fans), put one in the front + the fan it came with as well in the front, one in the back, and a dual fan CPU cooler on top.
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Unless you have a overheating issue or the ambient temp in your room is high then you may not need more than a front and rear cooling fan.