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Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by kited, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. kited

    kited New Member

    Hi. Im looking to upgrade my processor from a AMD A8-6500 3.50GHz. I need to have Fm2+ socket. Would AMD A10 7870k 3.9GHz give me a good fps boost in games like Counterstrike Global Offensive? Im using a Gainward GTX 760 as my graphics card and I currently get 90 - 140 fps in CSGO.
  2. Troncoso

    Troncoso VIP Member

    No. The processor really isn't going to do much for your FPS. The GPU is what will mainly affect that.
  3. Origin Saint

    Origin Saint Well-Known Member

    ^ This.

    Troncoso said it best. Your CPU isn't going to be causing hardly any gaming bottlenecks unless you're under-cooled and hitting a thermal wall for some reason, or your power supply is underrated for your system specs.
    Best bet is to buy a new graphics card instead, if you're looking to improve gaming performance.
  4. salvage-this

    salvage-this Active Member

    Why are you looking to increase your FPS if you are already around 90-140? Do you have a display that can handle refresh rates over 60Hz
  5. C4C

    C4C Well-Known Member

    Well yes it would help but it's pointless. Unless you were trying to play other games, CS GO is fairly basic and frame caps at 299FPS. Don't really need good graphics either..
  6. beers

    beers Moderator Staff Member

    Probably not worth the investment.

    CSGO is more CPU oriented than others, there isn't much of a graphic change between high and low details other than higher FPS.

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