Need help with project with vehicle


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I am a complete noob when it comes to computers. So im heavily leaning on some guidance here.

I have an old truck that I am truck to make a custom digital dash for.
This is what how I invision it
5 screens total, one of those is a bigger touchscreen.
3 screens show gauges
-one screen for boost and warnings such as high coolant temp
-one screen to show a list of other sensors with corresponding values (oil pressure, exhaust gas temp, etc)
-the other screen to show speed and engine rpm
The last 2 screens i want to be android auto. If I have maps open on the large touch screen, the other screen switches automatically to music for example.

I know i need appropriate sensors and a data acquisition ¿module?
How do I make these readings populate onto a screen?
Is there programming software ( for newbies =D) to say if using gps on touch screen other screen populates to music. Or if coolant temp reaches 220deg show warning on screen 2. (Im familiar with block programming and sort of with ladder logic)
Im also looking for a way to make custom digital gauges or a software to pick from a list and organize the screens how I want.

Looking for sample rates of 100hz and one PID controller for a water meth setup (when boost is above X or exhaust gas temps are above X the PID controller kicks in)

Thank you for any help you are willing to give!!!

If I can figure it out, ill post a picture of my screen setup. Im trying to keep the look of the dash setup but with a modern twist