Need help

Gigabyte A320m motherboard
My question is this I’m looking to upgrade from a hard drive to a solid state drive and wanted peoples opinion on the best ssd that is compatible with this board I’m looking for 1tb drive
The price will not be an issue

Thanks in advance


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It appears there are two versions of the A320m: the GA-A320M-HD2 and the GA-A320M-S2H. Which version do you have?


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Sorry my mistake
Thanks for reply
It's alright, they make motherboard models confusing ha. Are you going to continue to use the hard disk you're upgrading from? You could go with a smaller SSD if you're just using it for the OS, although you do get more bang for your buck at larger capacities.
Are you just gaming or what do you use your computer for?
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Yes I will be using the hard drive I have installed will the computer run faster if the operating system (windows 10) is on the ssd
I want to use the ssd for the total war games I have and any other games I decide to buy
I use the computer for total war games and football manager emails and general internet use


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Yes, you want Windows 10 on the SSD. Generally, game performance and load times aren't affected all that much by an SSD. You can Google the total war games and see how they perform on an SSD just to make sure.

If you're wanting to go with 1TB:

MyDigitalSSD BPX Pro

Sabrent Rocket

Inland Premium

Team Group MP34

If you decide on smaller capacities
the EX900 is a solid choice: