Need new GPU for my CyberpowerPC


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Hi, recently someone gave me cyberpower pc AMD Ryzen 5 3600 with broken GPU / xfx Rx580 8 gb.
I don't play game and most used for editing photo, video with power director and photoshop and most the time MAC user. Have only basic knowledge of PC.
What is my option here? looking cheaper GPU with not too much downgrade it performance (if that exist ) and could last long.
Is GPU with lesser VRAM (4GB/6GB) will affecting the performance when doing editing ?
Any advice, recommendation I really appreciate it .


Right now, you're pretty much toast trying to find a decent, inexpensive GPU. A AMD Radeon RX 480 is selling higher than it's MSRP when it was released 4 years ago. A combination of cyber coin miners and the pandemic has led to major shortages in the silicon pipeline, across the spectrum. Even car makers can't get enough chips for the cars they expect to sell.

The AMD RX 480/490 or similar Nvidia cards, like the Geforce 1660, is about the weakest graphic cards I'd recommend to anybody. Luckily, I don't really use anything that needs a graphic card, so I just use integrated GPU. I would like to get Radeon RX 480, but at a price commensurate with a graphic card that came out 4 years ago.
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