Netgear Nighthawk R7000 won't connect to internet and not sure what to do next. Help.

My Netgear Nighthawk R7000 won't connect to the internet. It was working fine this morning, had to move some things around, and accidentally bumped the WiFi button (turning it off). Didn't realize that I hit the WiFi button so went through the usual routine...cycled the power. Cycled the power and the battery pack. Then performed a factory reset. Finally realize I bumped the WiFi button, turned it back on, but still can't connect. I can detect the WiFi network but I'm "connected without internet". No idea what to do next. If I plug directly into the modem with an ethernet cable the internet works fine, so there isn't an outage in my area or anything. On the router the internet light is amber. Everything else is white and appears good to go.


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Did you reboot the modem after connecting your PC directly? Usually on a cable setup if the modem binds the DHCP lease to a particular MAC it will be disgruntled until power cycling it.


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Have you tried cloning the mac address of your modem? Some companies require that and why its still a thing is beyond me. What I usually do is power both off. Turn modem on and let it sync up until all lights are lit, then turn on router. The netgear router should have an internet setup page. Just follow the directions. It should detect correct settings and go from there. However, it looks like most instructions online wants you to download the nighthawk app on your phone to set it up.