New computers have loud click from HDD

I bought a few HP Slim computers. 2 of the 3 have loud periodic clicks from HDD. Maybe once every 40 to 90 minutes. Should I return them or is it normal? One makes no clicks at all. They all run good otherwise. I don't mind the clicks if they would last a few years, but if it is a sign they will fail in the near term it won't be good.


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It's probably the drives failing. You can try to remedy it by reconnecting the data connectors (more than likely sata) and power. If that doesn't work then they probably are failing.
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It could be the drives failing, or possibly that the power supply just isn't providing enough power to the drives. What brand are the drives?
Don't know HDD brand. It is what HP use in their Slime Line series. One was 500GB other one was 1TB. I don't know how to open up to look. I never had so many drives click like this ever. These are new out of the box and clicking after a few hours use.


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HP's have a built in diagnostic when you first bootup hit escape rapidly and it should give you a menu to run hard drive checks.