WIndows 10 New PC "crashes" sometimes on startup and after being on a long time.


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So I built my pc 2-3 weeks ago, and it sometimes works great, but randomly it will "crash" after being on for 10+ hours and at least once at launch.

I put crash in quotes because it's not quite a full shut down. Here's a video of the "crash".

As the title says, it loses signal to the screen mouse and keyboard, cpu and dram lights flash on the mobo, and fans start going faster. If it crashes once it's hard to get it started again. However once it gets going, I can turn it on and off over and over with no issues many times in a row.

I took it into Canada computers and they had it for over a week. In that time it never once crashed for them. They did all possible updates, and did multiple tests where it was on for 11 hours straight. Never a single crash. I just got it home and immediately upon turning it on it crashed. I've done some testing and it seems to mostly crash with external stuff (mouse TV etc) plugged in. Although sometimes it will even with nothing external plugged.

I've tried reseating the cpu, one ram, ram in different slots. All drivers are up to date.

Specs are

Amd ryzen 5 2600 cpu

Gigabyte B450 AORUS PRO wifi mobo

Amd radeon rx 5600 xt gigabyte gpu

2x8 Gb ram ripjaw

650w gold seasonic psu

I still have warranty on my parts, but I don't even know what parts to exchange. ...


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What i would do is remove the motherboard from the case and use it that way to verify its not a grounding issue between motherboard and case. Just set it on piece of cardboard. If it doesn't crash then you know its a standoff issue.