new PC's dont' last?


1151 vs 2066

I know I know it probably has been asked heaps before but I still haven’t got a precise answer.

I asked several people including computer techs and they said 2066 is on its way out but I can’t see why, they also said that’s why a lot of online stores don’t carry many boards like 4 or 5 of the 2066 vs 30 or more of the 1151

I’m pretty annoyed my pc lasted nearly 5 years when it was near top of the line at the time (mobo just died) and can’t even find a decent second hand mobo to fix it so basically the pc is stuffed!!!

I built a 4grand system 4 months ago and I’m really really not impressed buy it but then I think it’s windows 10 killing it. Dam I absolutely hate windows 10 and the new office package!!


I know there’s tons of variables but what are your thoughts on 2066 vs 1151? Pros and cons?

Number crunching, opening apps, Internet, File transfer especially usb!!, Rendering video, Audio production.

And mostly hopefully it will last!!! I built a pc for my sister 13 years ago and it’s going strong and fast to this day!!!

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated :) :)


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Has nothing to do with the cpu socket. I've built pc's 7-8 years ago or more that are still going. Each system is going to be different as far as when its gonna die. I bet in 2 years AMD will come out with AM5 sockets. Then AM4 will be obsolete a year or so after that. And as far as windows 10 killing a system? Thats nonsense. As long as all the hardware has compatible drivers, shouldn't be a problem.


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LGA2066 was targeted more as a HEDT offering, 1151 is the mainstream one which is more cost effective for most consumer workloads.

What components did you use in your build? If it's having problems you may have some other issue like hardware failing etc which isn't specifically related to 'being old'.