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    I am trying to upgrade my laptop. Lenovo Y50-70 with a new SSD and fan. I currently have
    and stock fan. I am looking for a little information on what others would recommend replacing the two components with. This is my first time replacing any computer component so any additional information would be greatly appreciated. The goal would be to keep both components under $400.
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    If you think your temps are too high you could check the inside of the laptop for dust and clean it, although if it doesn't have any intake fans that won't be the problem. A cooling pad that your laptop would sit on might be a feasible option, but only if your temps are excessive.

    Like John said though, stay away from those hybrid drives, they're pretty much a gimmick. You can fit in a very good SSD with a good amount of space at your budget.
  4. Darren

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    Dust it and clean it. A new fan won't do any good if your current one is working fine and they're custom fit so you're stuck with what you've got. Only replace it if it's got a bad bearing or something like that.

    Fresh thermal paste might do you some good too, but that requires complete disassembly usually. Are you just linking your current drive? A full SSD like what John mentioned is what you're after.

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