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Bought my grandson a hp omen model 870-213w. It has a ssd 256 gb c: drive and a 1tb D: data drive. So here's the problem. Everything that came installed and everything he has added is on the C drive. So now it is full. while the D drive is basically empty. 995 gb avail. How can I move some of the stuff from the c drive to the d drive and will it run off of the d drive since it doesn't have any systems files on it. Thanks in advance for any advice.


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You would have to reinstall the program but this time designate that its get installed to the D drive. You usually have the option to change install directory before the install actually happens. So read the prompts carefully.


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Virtually all software installers allow you to designate which drive and directory to install to but often you need to select "Custom install" or similar wording. Avoid "Default" or "Typical" installation.

As John35 said, all programs you want on the other drive will need to be re-installed but any data such as pictures, video, music, etc... can simply be moved over to the D: drive.