Newegg vs Amazon?

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by leopardforest, May 9, 2009.

  1. leopardforest

    leopardforest New Member

    I live in California so I get taxed for ordering stuff from the egg. Are there any reasons not to order from Amazon? (And I mean from Amazon, not from someone selling stuff on Amazon.)
  2. Machin3

    Machin3 New Member

    I think the prices on Newegg are cheaper than on Amazon. I think thats one of the big points about Newegg.
  3. Bodaggit23

    Bodaggit23 New Member

    Not for the OP obviously, as he gets taxed. lol

    I would say no. I would not hesitate to order
    direct from Amazon. Just watch who you're
    buying from, like you said.
  4. konsole

    konsole Member

    The only problem I have ever had with Amazon was not receiving an order and it could have been because of the seller never shipping the item or the post office lost it. Either way I got reimbursed by Amazon so thats a nice plus.
  5. Irishwhistle

    Irishwhistle New Member

    +1 to everything he said.
  6. Bodaggit23

    Bodaggit23 New Member

    That's exactly the point.

    You can buy things off the Amazon site, that are being sold directly from Amazon, and not from a "seller".

    See the "Seller Information" here?

    There's only one offering from, the rest are resellers posting
    on the Amazon site.
  7. Mitch?

    Mitch? banned

    Depends ont he price difference really. I've only bought books from Amazon, so I'm not personally sure. If it's in anyway possible to order from newegg cheaper or for the same price, I'd suggest it - shipping and service are the best there. How much is tax there?
  8. leopardforest

    leopardforest New Member

    I have two orders that are exactly the same, one on newegg the other on amazon. The amazon order is about $15 more than the newegg order. Amazon doesnt have all the same rebates but almost the same. The tax from newegg is $150. So i think i just answered my own question.

    But as far as reliability and returning defective products go is Amazon still ok?
  9. Jamin43

    Jamin43 banned

    I've had only one return for Amazon - and it was a Power tool. Their return policy is excellent within 30 days. I had purchased a router < power tool > that had a bad plunge mechanism. I went through their online Return Cust Service and printed a free UPS return label on my computer - and they dropped a new one in the mail that day. I had 30 or 60 days to get the product back to them - and if I didn't return the item - I'd be charged for both. I had the second replacement router delivered within a week of receiving the first one and only got charged for my original purchase.

    After 30 days - I don't know how much help they'd be - but I'd probably say the same for Newegg. You're likely into mfg warranties at that point in time.

  10. m3incorp

    m3incorp New Member

    I've never had a problem buying from Amazon, and I've bought plenty.
  11. Breadman177

    Breadman177 New Member

    The prices are great but my main reason for using them to begin with was the excellent customer service.
    Not really on subject with the OP but I just had to throw that out there.
  12. leopardforest

    leopardforest New Member

    Do you think there customer service and fast shipping is worth $150 extra on a $2000 order?
  13. miftahur

    miftahur banned

    I yet ever buy online
  14. JohnnyReynolds

    JohnnyReynolds New Member

    I think the prices on Amazon are cheaper than on Newegg. I think thats one of the big points about Amazon. I also heard about AmazingWatcher.Com which is a free website that will “watch” items for you on Amazon and let you know when amazon has them in stock at regular retail price.:p
  15. Jamin43

    Jamin43 banned

    I have no problem at shopping either place for PC parts.
  16. StrangleHold

    StrangleHold Moderator Staff Member

    Dont think Tigerdirect has tax in California.
  17. mx344

    mx344 New Member


    Too much thats all i have to say :D

    Im in the central valley and its higher than other places its just over 8% tax:eek:
  18. The_Other_One

    The_Other_One VIP Member

    I purchased my optical drive, case and I'm thinking something else from Amazon, the rest from Newegg. For the most part the prices were the same, but a few things were cheaper. I'd let that be your deciding factor. if you can get the same thing for less go for it. Amazon has been great for me both ordering and returning merchandise. Just make sure you go through Amazon and not some third party.
  19. Sean89

    Sean89 New Member

    depends amazon has free shipping so sometimes it actually is cheaper. no tax either.
  20. Robspace1

    Robspace1 New Member

    I buy games from Amazon. I buy used, new, and downloads. I had one game last week, Stalker Call Of Pripyat, refuse to play. It had Securom on it and it said I had to remove all "emulation software" like Alcohol 120 and/or any other copy software. I don't have alcohol 120 and the music copy software is legal. I paid for it, so there's no reason to delete it. Since when can a game maker tell you what you can have on your computer?

    Securom never got back with me, so Amazon told me to just throw the game away and the next day they put the money back on my card. Right now I have an air compressor missing. The post office sent it to Alaska instead of Wa. state! Hello there USPS,anyone home? What are those guys smokin in the back room down there? But, Amazon is doing there investigation then they will refund the money.

    These people are great at refunds. No hastle and no runarounds. I have also bought stuff from Newegg and it went fine, so I don't know how good their return policy is or how long it takes to get your money back. I do know that with Amazon, the shipping is free for anything over $25.00. That's a great deal right there as some items can double the cost when you add the shipping. I will be buying a countertop dishwasher from them and it weighs 40 pounds. And the shipping is free, which must be alot.

    The one advantage to Newegg is that they have techis there that know what their selling. I don't know if Amazon has tech people to answer questions about the computer parts. I've been comparing prices for cpu and ram, and hard drives between Newegg and Amazon, and the prices are pretty much the same. Only difference is the shipping charge from Newegg. And Amazon has a no questions asked refund policy.

    I'm going to be buying all the parts to build up my pc, and I'm wondering which one to buy from as well. I like both stores, but does Amazon have some geeks to help out? Tiger Direct is more on everything. And, Amazon doesn't bundle the mobos with the cpus like Newegg, which saves some.

    Anyone had any experience with Amazon and computer parts and pc help? Also, does anyone know the best mobo to go with the AMD Phenom 11x6 ?

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