No internet - but connected


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I have a desktop PC which for four years has had no issues but over the last couple of months when its started, the wifi was slow to connect and i get the Globe sign in the bottom right hand corner. It does connect after 30 seconds or so. A month ago it didn't and stayed at the globe and occasionally it would connect to the Wifi but say no internet. so i trawled the the internet for a solution and tried most of them but nothing worked.

So i hotspotted to my phone and connected to the net through that and downloaded a new driver for the wifi adaptor, which worked and everything was back to normal. Today however, i am in the same boat again, the globe sign in the bottom right corner or a wifi sign but with no internet.

I downloaded the latest driver again and installed but this time no success! so i still have a PC which sometimes connects to the wifi but gets no internet. I am currently hotspotting to write this. So the internet is working clearly, but my PC is not in some compacity, anyone have any ideas of what to try? i have been through the internet and tried most solutions with no success this morning.

I thought it might be a hardware issue but as i can connect through my phone i don't think it is.

Any ideas?



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Would need to know what wifi card it has in it, it may be going bad. I would try a usb wifi adapter and see how it reacts.


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Usually the 'internet' checker just does a couple of DNS lookups toward the internet.

Do you have an IP address when this happens? Are you able to reach the router/gateway address via ping or similar? What about the DNS endpoint for either ping or nslookup requests?

You should be able to find all of those references in Command Prompt by issuing ipconfig /all


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I tried the suggestion of a USB WiFi adaptor and connected first time no problem. I can only assume it's a hardware issue with the old WiFi receiver, it came with the mobo. I will try the ipconfig at some point and get back to you with results.