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Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by Rick G, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Rick G

    Rick G New Member

    I have just installed a AW9D max mobo and am getting so many post errors that I can't keep up with the numbers on the post errors panel. It finally stops at no. 75 and beeps high low constantly, Ive reset cmos and double checked all wires but no sucess. Would appreciate some help in step by step troubleshooting as I am lost right now. I have also removed and replaced Ram with no difference.
    P.S this is my 12th build and the first post problem.
  2. Buy-it PC

    Buy-it PC New Member

    Hi Rick G-

    Many things could be happening, the video card, the cpu... or simply the mobo is bad.

    My first suggestion, try the cpu and memory on another board and see if it works. This way you can eliminate those components.

    Then, try a different psu, and see what happens. Chances are, if all those components work without the existing mobo - it's the mobo!

    Try and see what happens.
  3. meanman

    meanman Active Member

    hi you said you have just replaced the mobo fitting all the other components
    from the old mobo onto the new one? that is fine as long as the components are compatable with the new mobo and you are not trying to run the already installed windows, if you are trying to run the install of windows you had on the old mobo that is your problem.
    You will have to do a fresh install of windows and if the copy of windows is oem you will have difficulty registering it and will need to ring microsoft for a new key.
  4. Rick G

    Rick G New Member

    This is a completly new build with no old parts. Nothing on hdd, have tried single stick of ram using both sticks seperatly.
  5. Rick G

    Rick G New Member

    Problem solved, had the cpu fan on the aux plug. CPU fan is 3 pin and mobo connector is 4 pin, oops.
    Thanks all.
  6. The_Other_One

    The_Other_One VIP Member

    Haha... At least you got beeps. My first Abit KT7A would power up than shut right back off if the fan wasn't plugged into the correct plug :p But this was also the board made for the original Athlons... That one that got up to like 600*F on Tom's Hardware's video a while back ;)

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