No video output with Razer Core X with Mac mini


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I bought a Razer Core X with an XFX 5700 XT for my Mac mini. It worked fine and was recognized by the system when doing normal web browsing etc. When I tried to play a game, it would crash with a green screen. This is not specific to one game because I tried several different ones. Just to clarify this was right out of the box so not like it worked well for a while.

I returned the XFX 5700XT and bought a Gigabyte 5700XT. All seemed well at first. I played HL2 and C&C on Windows under Parallels then started playing WoW on macOS with max settings. Everything was working great and WoW was getting 60+ FPS with max settings on macOS. I was flying around just to test the graphics when after about five minutes it was like someone unplugged my computer. It just shut off, no error message or green screen. After that I could not get video output with the HDMI plugged into the graphics card and the GPU doesn't show under “About This Mac”. It acts like the eGPU isn’t connected. The fans on the GPU and Razer Core X turn on but the fans on the GPU stay on low instead of turning off like they would normally when connected without running anything GPU intensive. The HDMI port on the Mac mini works fine so it's not the Mac that died.

So here's what I've tried.

1. Restarted the Mac mini several times
2. Tried the original short TB3 cable that came with the Razer Core X as well as a longer active TB3 one I had working good.
3. Reseated the graphics card twice.
4. Used a different HDMI cable (Both work when connected directly to the Mac mini)
5. Tried all four TB3 ports on the Mac mini for the eGPU
6. Tested the TB3/USB C ports on the back of my Mac mini with my iPhone. They work for data and power but I don't have another TB3 device to test that capability.
7. Connected the HDMI port on the Mac mini to the monitor and the GPU HDMI port to a TV to see if it would give any output as a second monitor but the TV just shows “No signal”

I don't have a desktop PC to test out the GPU but I hope the Core X didn't somehow fry it. I have a DVI cable on order just to see if the DVI output does anything but I don’t suspect it will because the GPU isn’t even showing up under the OS. I thought about buying a power supply tester to see if the power supply in the Core X is bad. Any ideas or suggestions for something I might be overlooking?


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So I tested the card in another computer and no video output there either. Either the Core X is killing cards or I have bad luck